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Eliwell ICPLUS 902 - ICP16D075000, ICP11D035000, ICP11I075000, ICP11I035000

Eliwell IC Plus 902

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The new controllers in the ICPlus range are distinguished by their high quality and reliability, the result of more than 25 years of experience and collaboration with the leading manufacturers of equipment which employs temperature, humidity and pressure regulators.

They are compatible with TelevisSystem and with Modbus protocol monitoring systems.


Frontal Panel Size

32x74 mm

Analog Inputs


Digital Inputs


Digital Outputs



  • A handful of models to suit a wide range of applications
  • Simple and intuitive menu
  • Display with icons for instant and intuitive reading
  • UniCard USB for quick system customization
  • Family feeling with controllers in the IDPlus family



  • Standard format : 32x74
  • Power supplies : 12Vac/dc, 24Vac,12...24Vac/12...36Vdc ,115Vac, 230Vac
  • Analog inputs : NTC/PTC, V/I e PT100/Tcj-TcK

The ICPlus controllers are electronic devices with one (ICPlus 902) or two (ICPlus 915) interventionpoints, which can be set as dependent, independent or with a neutral zone.

As they are available with different types of power supply and analogue inputs, the new ICPluscontrollers provide a wide range of solutions to satisfy every specific application requirement.