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Pressure Gauges Blondelle ø80mm

Pressure Gauges Blondelle

Vat excluded
  • 37 models
  • Class 1
  • ‘A Lame Acier’ unique bellow mechanism, the highest durability and accuracy
  • All combinations of refrigerants possible
  • Each gauge calibrated individually
  • High quality composite casing - Minlon
  • Admissible overload: 200%
  • Possibility to adjust the needle
  • Oil filled
  • Outlet: vertical or rear
  • Fitting: 1/4’’ SAE or 1/8’’ NPT



Modelli: MA 1002A 14S-7552, MA 1002A 14S-7553, MA 0502A 14S-6355, MA 1002A 14S-7540, MA 1002A 14S-7541, MA 1002A 14S-1143, MA 1002A 14S-1144, MA 1002V 14S-7552, MA 1002V 14S-7553, MA 0502V 14S-6355, MA 1002V 14S-7540, MA 1002V 14S-7541, MA 1002V 14S-8006, MA 1002V 14S-8007, MA 1002V 18B-7552, MA 1002V 18B-7553, MA 1002V 18B-7540, MA 1002V 18B-7541, MA 1002V 18B-8006, MA 1002V 18B-8007, AC0305 5400, AC0306 6369, AC0308 6123 02, AC0308 6123 03, AC0308 6123 04, MA 1003A 14S-7554, MA 1003A 14S-7555, MA 1003A 14S-3003, MA 1003A 14S-3004, MA 0503A 14S-6364, MA 0503A 14S-8030, MA 1003V 14S-7341, MA 1003V 14S-7342, MA 1003V 14S-7554, MA 1003V 14S-7555, MA1003V 14S-1065, MA1003V 14S-1072, MA 1003V 18B-7554, MA 1003V 18B-7555, MA0503V 14S-6364, MA 1003V 18B-7542, MA 1003V 18B-7543, MA 1003V 18B-7524, MA 1003V 18B-7808, MA1003V 18B-1065, MA1003V 18B-1072, AC0305 6134, AC0306 6370, AC0308 6124 02, AC0308 6124 03, AC0308 6124 04

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