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ID 985 SECK NTC 95-240V Buz

Electronic controller for ventilated refrigeration unit with electronic expansion valve management

Product code: ID34DR2SCDH00
2-3 days from order
Vat excluded
Operating Temperature -5...55
Storage Temperature -30…85
Ambient Humidity 10…90% RH (non-condensing)
Power Supply 100…240Vac
Power Consumption 2,5W max

Display Range

NTC: -50,0…+110,0 °C
PTC: -55,0…+140,0 °C
N. Analogue Inputs 3
Analog Inputs 3x PTC o NTC
N. Digital Inputs 4
Digital Inputs 2x voltage-free
N. Digital Outputs 4
Digital Outputs 3x SPST 5(2)A 14Hp 250Vac
1x SPDT 8(3)A 250Vac
Display LED 3 digits + sign
Resolution ( 0.1°C with decimal point ) 1 or 0,1°C

Measurement Range

Accuracy better than 0,5% of full scale + 1 digit
Connectivity TTL port for connection to Copy Card and TelevisSystem or to systems based on ModBus protocol
Internal RS485 for connection to TelevisSystem or to systems based on ModBus protocol
N. Serial Ports 2
Serial Ports 1x RS485
1x TTL

panel, 71x29mm

Accessories Remote Echo Display
Weight (g) Net 180
Width (L) Net 74
Height (Ht) Net 32
Depth (P) Net 66
Weight (g) Packaging 197
Width (L) Packaging 130
Height (Ht) Packaging 90
Depth (P) Packaging 50