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Eliwell ICPlus 915 VI 230V - ICP22I0450000

Contrôleur électronique à 2 points d’intervention

Code de produit: ICP22I0450000
Tva exclue

Operating Temperature: 0...55

Storage Temperature: -30…85

Ambient Humidity: 10…90% RH (non-condensing)

Power Supply: 12-24Vac

Power Consumption: 3W max

Display Range: -199…+199 / -199,9…+199,9 / -1999…+1999

N. Analogue Inputs: 1

Analogue Inputs: 1x V-I (0…1V,0…5V,0…20mA,4…20mA)

N. Digital Inputs: 0

N. Digital Outputs: 2

Digital Outputs: 1x SPDT 8(4)A 250Vac / 1x SPST 8(4)A 250Vac

Display: LED 3 digits + sign

Resolution: 1 or 0,1°C

Measurement Range: -999…+1000°C

Accuracy: better than 0,5% of full scale + 1 digit

Connectivity: TTL port for connection to USB Unicard, TelevisSystem and systems with Modbus protocol

N. Serial Ports: 1

Serial Ports: 1x TTL

Installation: panel, 71x29mm

Weight (g) Net: 240

Width (L) Net: 79

Height (Ht) Net: 37

Depth (P) Net: 59