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Z série Compresseur semi-hermétique

Frascold Piston Compressor

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Extent of Delivery:

Six cylinder compressor with part winding (PWS) electric motor

• DOL YY connection - 380-420 V / 3 / 50 Hz (440-480 V / 3 / 60 Hz)

• PWS Y/YY connection - 380-420 V / 3 / 50 Hz (440-480 V / 3 / 60 Hz)

Motor windings thermally protected (PTC sensor + electronic control module INT69TML Diagnose)

Suction and discharge valves with soldering connections

IP65 terminal box

Discharge temperature sensor

Oil pressure switch Delta-P® II Sensor

POE lubricant charge

2x Oil level sight glass suitable for installation of mechanical or electronic oil level controls/regulators

Nitrogen protective charge

Rubber vibration dampers (4 pcs)

Packing ensuring proper handling and adequate protection

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