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Cadmium-Free Silver Brazing Rods with 34% SILVER - Ag34sn EcoFlux Coated - 5 Rods

Cadmium-free brazing alloy with medium-high silver content (34%) EcoFlux Coated. High fluidity and high mechanical strength

Code de produit: Ag34sn EcoFlux Coated 0,1
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Physical and technical properties

Melting range (Solidus – Liquidus):

630 - 730 °C

Minimum brazing temperature (flow point):

740 °C


9 g/cm3

Tensile Strength (filler metal):

48 kg/mm2

Recommended joint gap:

0,075 – 0,2 mm

Continuous service joint operating temp.:


Range of application

Ag34Sn is a low melting, cadmium-free, silver brazing alloy with good flow characteristics.

It can be used to join ferrous, non ferrous and dissimilar metals and alloys with close joint clearances, such as steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys. Brazing procedures range from flame to induction techniques.

When brazing in an oxidizing environment a proper flux should be used.

Tensile strength of joints brazed with Ag34Sn will generally exceed base metals strength.
Joint strength is however a function of various factors, such as: type of base metals to be joined, type of joint, joint clearance, brazing procedure, etc.

Typical applications are in the automotive, electric, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

Corresponding standards

ISO 17672
​Ag 134
AG 106
AWS A5.8-04
DIN 8513