NM3BT15 - 1 MT - sold by the meter View larger

NM3BT15 - 1 MT - Sold by the meter

1mt NM3BT15

New product

Next tape is made of 3 copper stripes, 1,5 mm2 each, for a total widht of 75. Can be used in installations of lights, audio and power. Positioning must be made on a clean and dry surface/wall. At the end of positioning, NEXT must be covered with water base paint and protected according to the local safety norms of installation.

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Storage & transportation temperature: -10°C…+50°C

Ambiente temperature during installation: +5°C…+55°C

Umidità relativa massima @ Tamb=+25°C:100%

Umidità relativa massima @ Tamb=+20°C: 95%

Altitudine massima di impiego: 5.000m

Tensione nominale di isolamento, Ui: 1.500V AC

Tensione nominale di tenuta all’impulso: 4.000V

Densità di corrente max: 10A/mm2