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La Blu Series (Q Compressor) Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Frascold LB

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A wide range of models meant to satisfy all medium and low temperature applications with traditional HFC- and HCFC-based refrigerants and with the new, low-GWP refrigerants. 

They employ semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors from Q Series, offering significantly better performance, reliability and versatility than the standard on the market.

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Four cylinders semi-hermetic compressors with direct in line (DOL) electric motor 

• D connection - 220-240 V / 3 / 50 Hz (265-290 V / 3 / 60 Hz)

• Y connection - 380-420 V / 3 / 50 Hz (440-480 V / 3 / 60 Hz)

Motor windings thermally protected (PTC sensor + electronic control module)

Suction and discharge valves with soldering connections

POE 32 cSt lubricant charge

4 x Rubber vibration dampers

Cu-Al air cooled condenser

IP54 thermally protected fan motor(s) with guard grille

Liquid receiver with rotalock valve and safety valve (PED 97/23/CE directive compliant)

Discharge line compressor-condenser-receiver with vibration eliminator

Compact base frame ready for accesories and housing installation

Nitrogen protective charge

Packing ensuring proper handling and adequate protection